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Church Leadership 2018

Ministry Teams

Preschool Director: Amanda Coggins

Children’s Director: June Kennedy

Youth and Family Director: Wesley Anderson

Cub Scout Pack: Cari Adkins

Boy Scout Troop: Amy King

Worship: JoAnne Clements

Hospitality Team: Mary Barnhill and Carolyn Neuschwander

Music Ministry: BJ Newberry, Paul McKinney and Harold Clendenin

Media: Michelle Kingston

Education Coordinator: Donna Boswell

United Methodist Men (UMM): Richard Prisbus

United Methodist Women (UMW): Mary Barnhill

Celebrate Recovery: Barbara Campbell

Prayer Shawl: Elsie Norgard

Shut-in Visitation Team: Brenda Pierce

Tuesday Night Prayer Group: Michelle Kingston

Men’s Thursday Morning Prayer Group: Burr Wallace

Food Pantry: Jimmie Lou Ramey

School Uniform Distribution Outreach: Maren Seaquist

Bereavement Meals: Joan Kral

Walk to Ammaus: Mark and Faye Branch

Sunday Morning Refreshments: Lisa Lazzari

Sanctuary Flowers: Joan Kral

Joel Council

Rev. Jonathan Hart (Pastor)

Phyllis Campbell (Joel Council Chair, Lay Leader, class of 2019)

Paul Hollingsworth (SPR, class of 2018)

Dick Neuschwander (SPR Chair, class of 2019)

Roger Barnhill (SPR, class of 2020)

Milton Head (Trustees Chair, class of 2018)

Dennis Calvert (Trustees, class of 2019)

Robin Gruber (Trustees, class of 2020)

Hoss Mack (Finance Chair, class of 2018)

Anna Loper (Finance, class of 2019)

David Kitchens (Finance, class of 2020)

Eddie Wren (Annual Conf. Lay Delegate)

Burr Wallace (Annual Conf. Lay Delegate)

Anna Barnhill (Youth Representative) 

Mark Branch (Member at Large, class of 2018)

Richard Prisbus (Member at Large, class of 2019)

Church Officers

Lay Leader: Phyllis Campbell

Financial Secretary: Elsie Norgard

Assistant Financial Secretary: Joan Kral

Scholarship Committee Chair: Tony Smith

Stewardship Chair: Charles Campbell

Membership Secretary: Joan Kral

Historian: Jane Perry

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

Rev. Jonathan Hart (Chair)

Phyllis Campbell (Lay Leader, class of 2019)

Sondra Luker (class of 2018)

Lisa Lazzari (class of 2018)

Burr Wallace (class of 2018)

Tony Smith (class of 2019)

Brenda Pierce (class of 2019)

Jan Walker (class of 2019)

BJ Newberry (class of 2020)

Carolyn Neuschwander (class of 2020)

Donna Head (class of 2020)

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