//6-25-2018 “The Church Changes Culture” Rev. Jonathan Hart

6-25-2018 “The Church Changes Culture” Rev. Jonathan Hart

Part 6 of our series on the Book of Acts at Robertsdale United Methodist Church in Robertsdale, AL.

Acts 19:8-12, 18-20 (CEB)

8 Paul went to the synagogue and spoke confidently for the next three months. He interacted with those present and offered convincing arguments concerning the nature of God’s kingdom. 9 Some people had closed their minds, though. They refused to believe and publicly slandered the Way. As a result, Paul left them, took the disciples with him, and continued his daily interactions in Tyrannus’ lecture hall. 10 This went on for two years, so that everyone living in the province of Asia—both Jews and Greeks—heard the Lord’s word.

11 God was doing unusual miracles through Paul. 12 Even the small towels and aprons that had touched his skin were taken to the sick, and their diseases were cured and the evil spirits left them.

18 Many of those who had come to believe came, confessing their past practices. 19 This included a number of people who practiced sorcery. They collected their sorcery texts and burned them publicly. The value of those materials was calculated at more than someone might make if they worked for one hundred sixty-five years. 20 In this way the Lord’s word grew abundantly and strengthened powerfully.

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